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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Breakfast Bandit

About 25 minutes ago I heard someone clanging around in the kitchen. I figured Kevin was home and getting something to eat.  15 minutes passed and since he hadn't come upstairs  I went downstairs to find him.   As I entered the kitchen I remembered that he said he wouldn't be home until after 9.  I knew someone had been in the kitchen though, one of the drawers was open and besides, the kitchen just had that feeling...someone had been there.  My heart started to race, I stood perfectly still trying to listen for signs of someone over the whirring of the dishwasher.  A car was stolen off of our street two nights ago, I wondered if that someone had broken into our house...I wished I had a baseball bat, or at least my phone.  Then I turned and saw this on our dining room table. 
Signs of a different type of break in.  Relief spread through me.  My 7 year old had stolen my heart again.

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