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Monday, January 17, 2011

The dawn? Day 4

 Here I go again, recounting the details of baby sleep.  Comparatively, you're feeling like your life is full of adventure and excitement, aren't you?  Not so fast, some serious sleep is being logged around here and that is where it's at.

Last night Lucy slept from 7:05-11.  She nursed, then went right back to sleep until 3.  She nursed, didn't go back to sleep but quietly talked in her crib until 4, then she began to cry.  I resisted and did not go in.  I fell asleep (? how in the world).  I woke her at 7:30.

Nap 1- Down at 9:05, cried/whined until 9:25 (nothing too intense though), slept until 11:50
Nap 2- Down at 1:55, whined until 2, slept until 3:20

I just laid her down for the night.  She cried/whined for 10 minutes and is now asleep.  Unbelievable.

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