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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

About now

Today, both Teddy and Lucy excitedly telling me about all of the birds outside our window!

For the past couple of years Lucy and I have had a lovely rhythm and routine to our days.  So in January when Lucy's naps ceased, unfortunately before she was really ready for them to, we hit a bit of a bumpy patch.  No naps meant a tired girl.  Since the end of naps we've been fine tuning our days and wondering about....  an earlier lunch, maybe a later one?   Books after lunch?  Maybe music?  Errands in the afternoon?  Move up bedtime, move it back?  We've been experimenting and recently we've seemed to have hit our stride.  Nothing too new, pretty much our same as always routine, activities in the morning, low key in the afternoon.  Lunch when we get hungry, which is somewhere between 11:30-12:30. A show.  Books and music....well just about all the time.  And in the late afternoon, when a quiet moment strikes and just a little rest is calling, I'll find Teddy and Lucy relaxing.   Not napping.  Lucy doesn't nap, and she'll tell you that quite sternly if you assume otherwise.  No, they're just relaxing.

Their favorite afternoon spot.

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