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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break so far

We relied on the Peeps to convey our excitement.
Thursday afternoon had Lucy and me pretty worn out but when we picked the girls up from school we pretended to be full of energy and pumped for Spring Break. 

After a good night's sleep we really started break and headed to Columbia.  When we arrived the weather was great.   Though we'd planned to stay for the weekend the weather threatened to not be so great on Sunday so we cut our trip short.  That didn't stop us from packing as much fun as possible into our 32 hour trip.

We played basketball 
went to the park
fell in the creek
went to Lucky's 
ate at Main Squeeze
jumped on the trampolean
saw a Mizzou gymnastics meet
ran on the trail
got frozen yogurt
practiced lots of acrobatics
used the microscope
went to Starbucks
met my cousin's adorable newborn, Henry
and managed a night of sleep too.

Though we'd have loved to have been in Columbia today we had great day at home.  Lots of relaxation and time together.  A terrific start to our stay cation.

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