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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


One thing is for sure when you are on a DOT trip, you'll hear a lot of talk about food.  You'll hear enthusiastic conversations about 90 million pounds of frozen veggies, truckloads of juice and special seasonings.  It's interesting enough to me but since I'm not too tied up in talking about purchase orders and outdated codes I have a nice amount of time to internally reflect on the part of life I'm most enthusiastic about.....being a mom.  Being away in paradise for a few days helps to reset perspective and remember what I care about most.  I've thought about this a lot the last few days and here's what I've come up with. 

1.) Kevin and I have amazing kids.  Smart, loving, strong kids.  

2.) I want them to maintain their loving, honest personalities, even in our world which is so judgemental and harsh.  I want them to continue to believe that they are capable, unique, and enough. I want them to always value people over things. 

3.) The older they get the harder those ideals become.  If I'm honest with myself I know that we need to ease up on them a bit.  Let them be a little messier, crabbier and not worry so much about their manners.  We need them to know we are on their side.  

4.) We need to simplify a few areas of life and continue getting rid of unnecessary things.  People first.

Without the kids around doing cute and silly poses Kevin and I stink at taking photos.  To prove this point I'm posting this terrible photo of myself.  Just about the only one that exists thus far.  
To my defense I had just left the spa and sheesh was that Mai Tai strong!  My goal before we leave on Thursday is to get a photo of the two of us.  You know together in the same frame. 

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