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Thursday, June 12, 2014

It took 3

If we'd only had two children the list of things we'd have missed out on as parents is literally endless. 

Extra joy! 
More laughs!
So much happiness!
The experiences!

Just this week number three cut her own hair.   
Emma  and Eleanor  never did this.  They didn't write on the walls or jump out of their cribs or fill the baby pool with mud.  
Every single day with Lucy is new.  
As if she were trying to prove the point of this post (which I most certainly did not discuss with her beforehand) in the little bit of time I've been typing this, Lucy chucked a blueberry muffin over the front porch railing into the yard. 

Lucy (dressed in a pink leotard and a bike helmet) takes a bite of a blueberry muffin the girls made- "YUCK!  TERRIBLE!  DISGUSTING!"
Throws muffin into the yard with all of her might. 

Me-  "Oh, Lucy!  Let's not throw food into the yard."

Lucy- "I sure wish I was an animal.  A horse.  No a dog!!"

Extra joy!
More laughs!
So much happiness!

Our lucky number 3


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