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Friday, June 6, 2014

So far

summer is lovely.  
We've been just the right amount of busy, which means not too. 

We've made the pool and our libraries regular hang outs and some of us have even gotten tattoos.

About a month ago, in anticipation of summer  I reinstated daily chores.  Smart move.  Both of the older girls have 2 daily chores.  Things like dusting, cleaning the bathroom, carrying down laundry, wiping down the cabinets, etc.  Besides the help around the house I find a lot of humor in the entire endeavor.  Today Emma told me that Eleanor had done such an outstanding job on the main floor bath earlier in the week that she was just going to skip it.  HA!   I showed her how the bath might actually need a little attention, including shaking out the bath mat and hanging it on the line for a bit.  And pictured above you see why morning chores make me chuckle all day long.  I only wish I'd seen her hanging that mat up.

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