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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our big kids

Yesterday Lucy said something that made my blood turn ice cold in my veins.  When I heard it I audibly whimpered. 
In response to something she didn't understand Lucy said, "what does that mean?".  
Immediately one of the older girls yelled-- well who taught her that?!   
We were all mortified.
Could it mean the end of our favorite Lucyism?  Would we no longer hear, "what mean that?". 
Sigh.  Deep, deep sigh.
It seems more and more every day our baby is a big girl.
Just last week we passed some empty train tracks and I said  " no chooo chooo today!".
Lucy responded "Mom, you're not riding with any babies.  It's a train."
No babies.
Further evidence of that exists tonight.  All three kids are at VBS.  They don't let babies go to VBS.
While my heart is a little heavy at just how fast my babies are growing, I'll be honest it's also pretty fabulous! 

No one naps around here anymore.
Everyone is toilet trained and sleeps through the night.  All night.  All night.  All night.
I'm just going to write that again...All night.
Sometimes everyone sleeps until 8:00 in the morning.  
We can go out to eat.
They can all get themselves dressed.
We can go to movies.
Everyone can carry on in conversation.
They all play together.  As in they enjoy playing the same thing. 
I don't pack any special equipment when we go out. 

I loved those babies like crazy.  
I really, really loved living with babies.
But guess what?
I'm just as crazy about the big kids and
I really, really love living with big kids.
It's pretty awesome how this is working out so well.

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