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Friday, June 20, 2014



I dropped Eleanor off in Columbia for her first camp away from home.  It's not going great.  After the first day she wanted to come home.  My heart wanted to race down I-70 and pick her up.  My head told me to stay put.  
Oh heart, oh head.  

Today is her second day.  I've intervened some.  I've helped her develop action steps.  I've told her she cannot quit.  I've advocated for her where she will not.   

 In retrospect I'd do a few things differently if I could.   I'm kicking myself over a couple of missteps but mostly I'm learning.  Never ever be afraid to learn.   Which means struggle will be a part of the process.  I can't teach it if I don't mean it and I don't mean it if I don't do it.

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Grandma said...

My heart is aching for you both. I have no doubt you both will learn and grow.