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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 3

Well, Father's Day was not quite what I'd hoped for.  Though Kevin did get a nice long bike ride we didn't take him out for lunch or take a hike in the park.  Instead we worried over Eleanor who had been up all night with a terrible toothache caused by an abscess tooth.  Poor baby girl.  Sunday afternoon the swelling was so bad the dentist did an emergency tooth extraction.  
Happy Father's Day!  
We did celebrate with my dad that night with mashed potatoes and a trip to Orange Leaf!

My dad took the older girls on an adventure to the mall with their cousin Bella on Monday so Lucy and I visited the zoo.  The chimps and orangoutangs were out and Lucy was overjoyed.  I was reminded of a post I did in 2009 of a trip to the zoo with Eleanor. Did you realize how much they look alike? 

We've still been reading and just enjoying hanging out.  

I went to the Muny last night to see Billy Elliot and it was outstanding!  I was out until almost midnight which was not outstanding.  I do not love late nights.  I did love getting to spend the evening with two of my college roommates though!  11 years ago a group of us had season tickets to the Muny, college seems like a a million years ago, season tickets to the Muny seem like a half a life time ago! 

Summer is still great!

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