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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Janie is as good as new!

I'm so thankful for help!  Lucy naps until about 3:15 most days.  Which means that I'm nearly always grabbing her out of her crib and getting her in the car (jammies on...she insists on wearing them for nap) to pick the girls up from school.  We haven't walked to pick the kids up for ages because of this. Occasionally Lucy sleeps beyond 3:15 because -
a.) she's super tired
b.) I laid her down late
c.) she yelled and carried on in her crib until 2:25 when she finally passed out
I'll let you guess which of those three happened today.  Regardless, at 2:26 I knew there was no way in the world I was going to wake Lucy at 3:15.  And boy am I lucky because I am blessed to know plenty of people who will pick up my kids when I'm in a bind.  Two in particular are a God send and help me out a lot.  There's my amazing friend who sometimes just because she knows about my napping baby situation texts me around 3 and says she's picking my girls up.  This is the same friend who shows up in my driveway some mornings, no announcement, ready to take my kids to school and who on Tuesday mornings when Emma has chorus and needs to be at school 20 minutes early, but Eleanor does not, which makes drop off sticky, takes both of my girls and after dropping Emma and her own daughter at chorus, takes Eleanor out to breakfast at Khaldi's.   There's also my friend who has saved me at least a half a dozen times when I text her about pick up and who took Eleanor home after almost every soccer practice because Kevin and I had core group meetings at church at the same time.

I'm also thankful for car repairs that make a huge difference and don't cost quite as much as you feared. While gone for Thanksgiving the passenger side sliding door on the van broke.   Thank goodness we were able to close it and didn't have to drive down I-70 with a tarp over it.    Yesterday I brought into the shop and now Janie is like new!

Have I ever shown you this picture?  I don't think I posted it.  A few months ago Lucy and I went to Old Navy to find the girls a couple of school dresses.  I was looking through sizes and had my back turned to her.  I heard someone gasp and then crack up.  I turned around.  Lucy was down to her diaper.  She was looking for a dress to try on.  And like a really great mom, rather than get her dressed and out of the store, I took a picture.  And then she ran away.  And I had to chase a nearly naked baby around the children's section.  That's when we left.  I am thankful that as I get older, I embarrass much less easily.

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Grandma said...

This is so Lucy! Just love this photo.