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Friday, November 30, 2012

The pajama cure!

Lucy wears her pajamas a lot.  Today she wore them all day.  We had some errands to run which made me think for a minute before I agreed to it but then I thought-- I don't care, and I don't care if anybody else cares, decision made.  Lucy was perfect for all 3 stops, and they were kind of long, I think it was the pajamas.  I tweaked my back yesterday ( only old people say that kind of thing).  I hurt it every year around this time (feeling even older now).  By the end of our shopping my back was hurting and making it hard for me to take a deep breath or carry Lucy and I said "oh, Lucy!  My back is hurting".  And she said, "put you jammies on, and drink you coffee, you feel better.  me no back hurt." This girl is brilliant.  So tonight I've already put my jammies on and I'll think I'll have a little hot drink later.  Doctor's order.

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