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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Self Control

Today as we were going to school I asked Eleanor to tell me something she was going to work on today.  She told me to go first.  I said that this morning I'd be doing something that I knew was going to go slower than I wanted, probably not work out how I hoped and would make me feel a little out of control.  I told her I'd need help with not getting mad.  She said "so you're going to need some self control."   I'm really thankful we had that conversation this morning because in the midst of a really strange, long, frustrating morning of volunteering, whenever I thought of Ellie telling me I'd need some self control, I had to smile.
Another off topic photo!  Last night Eleanor and Lucy were reading in the hallway outside of the bathroom.  Emma was getting ready to shower but popped out to ask the girls to please read in the bathroom so she could hear.  Eleanor was reading a Dr. Seuss book and Lucy was so sweet in copying El's cadence as she read her own book.  

1 comment:

Grandpa...Bill said...

Not sure what made me feel better...

Eleanor's self control advice
Emma asking the girls to read where she could hear
or Lucy mimicking Eleanor

Thank you Melissa