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Monday, November 5, 2012

New York

Kevin and I  most definitely did not spend the weekend in New York City as we had planned.  It goes without saying (but I'll write it anyway) that we both feel so sad about all of destruction and pain that has happened on the East Coast.  It's really unimaginable, losing your home or so much worse.  To say it put our disappointment in perspective is true, but I'd be a liar if I said it diminished it.

The weekend before last (as I packed....yes, days in advance, I was that excited) and we began hearing the weather reports about New York we were thankful to hear that by Thursday when we were due to arrive, the storm would be long gone.  On Monday when the reports were much more ominous, I bought a small umbrella, one that I could easily carry in my purse and a hat too, just for good measure.  By Monday evening we were just hoping that our plane would make it out. By Tuesday morning it was clear, even though we couldn't quite admit it, our plans for NYC weren't happening.   We tried to come up with another plan-- we didn't want to fly all the way to the West Coast, neither of us care if we ever see Las Vegas again, and we sure as heck weren't going to spend our own money there.  A few other places we thought of were outrageously expensive to fly to last minute and after thinking we were going to New York, the Lake of the Ozarks seemed mildly terribly depressing.  Pity. Party.  It didn't make me feel better to think we could reschedule, and it surely didn't make me feel better to know that our little bummer was nothing at all in light of what was happening in the lives of so many others.  That made me feel much worse.  Just small and selfish.  By Wednesday afternoon we made the decision to cancel our trip, enough was enough.  We were staying home and suddenly we felt a lot better about things.  Sometimes it's just being in limbo that feels so frustrating.

 The weekend wasn't spent noshing around the city, strolling through Central Park, sleeping in late, running for as long as we wanted, or  going to a show but I can't complain one bit.  Except maybe for that night with no sleep.  Or maybe the time when the kids were all yelling at the same time. That's our real life though, and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's all the sweet, ordinary (difficult at times) moments that I love.  Plus breakfast at Half and Half, lunch at Pappy's, an art show, a massage, church, two great dinners at home, watching a movie in our cozy basement, taking a Sunday afternoon very, very good.

 A friend in New York with two little girls is still without power and it could be another week.  So today, I'm thankful for my warm home, my safe kids and a hot shower.

Maybe we'll make it a 10 year trip.  Kevin and I traveled to NY while I was pregnant with Emma in 2003.  Great memories!

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