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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Vote

  I remember taking Emma to the polls to cast my vote in the 2004 Presidential election, then taking Em and El to the polls in 2008 and today Eleanor and Lucy joined me. I'm very thankful to have the right to vote.   I hope that my girls will remember going to the polls with me and will know that in our family we VOTE! 

 4 years ago, after voting. 
                                      That mound of dirt behind the girls is now where we live!

The girls are casting their votes in Kids Voting today.  They were both really excited, which makes me really smile.  Recently the girls are very interested in the election.   Eleanor is full of all kinds of factoids about each candidate.  Yesterday's was that Mitt Romney has 18 grandchildren.  Emma has been asking tons of questions about the electoral college (she is not a fan) some that I cannot answer.  And yesterday they figured out that they would both be voting for the first time in a Presidential election in the year 2024, Emma will be 21 and Eleanor will be 18.  Can you guess how that conversation went over?

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