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Saturday, November 3, 2012


When each of the girls was a bitty baby I'd think if I could get four hours...even two hours...sometimes just one hour of continuous sleep I'd be in great shape.  And that was the truth!  Fast forward to now, when every night I sleep well.   Except last night.  Last night the littlest member of our family woke up around 2 and decided she was ready for the day.  By 3 she and I headed downstairs so at least Kevin could sleep a little.  She wanted to read.  Then she started singing Baa Baa Black Sheep at the top of her lungs.  When I said "no Lucy".  She said "No?"  Long pause. "Wheels?"  and then proceeded to belt out Wheels on the Bus which made me crack up and only gave her more reason to sing!  We watched the fake fire "burn" in the fireplace while she said " sound make, crack".  We watched Kipper, she did gymnastics on the couch and played with her tiny kitchen.  Somewhere around 7, I dozed off.  Thankfully Kevin got up in time to find Lucy in the real kitchen, with a baby bottle and a gallon of milk.  Just think of the mess he saved us from!  Today I'm so thankful that sleep is a real part of my life and I don't spend my days delirious.  Here's hoping for some glorious shut eye tonight!

Guess who feel asleep around 7:45 am?  We didn't let her sleep though, we took her over to Gram and Grandpa's house.  They had the two older girls for a sleep over last night and I'm pretty sure everyone over there feels the same way I do right now.  Like I said, here's to some serious zzz's tonight!

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