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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Lucy is three!  We celebrated on Friday with a long visit to the park.  I'm sure we could have ended our festivities right there and Lucy would have been happy as can be.   We continued though with a party on Saturday afternoon.  It was a perfectly Lucy kind of party.  Totally laid back.  Lucy had fun running from the front yard to the back, and giggling and playing.  I loved watching her!  To her delight there were two dogs in attendance.   My step sister and brother in law brought their sweet 12 week old English bulldog Ruby to the party.   Ruby is so sweet and just Lucy's size!   Though Ruby was a hit Lucy received her own puppy for her birthday.  A fluffy white puppy she named Sophia.  Sophia  is already housebroken, doesn't shed, never jumps, or chews, or cries in the night. She also has an off button.  We love Sophia!  

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