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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Simple Saturday

It was so nice to wake up this morning and know--it's Saturday!  

These girls are down in our basement right now working on their fort....they've spent hours working on it and playing in it!   Eleanor had her friend Libby sleep over and Emma went to Libby's house to have a sleep over with Libby's sister Natalie.  It's so nice when that works out and the girls can have their own time in the house.  

Today's agenda includes an 8-2  training at church for Kevin, breakfast with Christy (I better get going on those pancakes!), a soccer clinic for Eleanor, and church this evening.  What a lovely Saturday!

In less happy news, Janie is still not 100%--BLEH!!  The back door is not latching all the way and this is draining the battery, also the back door seems to be opening with a little less finesse every time we use it.  Oh boy.  Looks like I'll be talking to Stu again on Monday.

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