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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just add water

I mowed what remains of our poor parched yard yesterday afternoon, it was 93 degrees and just plain hot.  Sweaty and tired from the job I turned on the hose to cool off and instantly got a great obstacle course!  I knew the girls would be hot, hot, hot after their walk home from school and figured a simple little obstacle course might just make their day.

Tomato picking wasn't on the course but they were just too tempting!  We have been getting a steady stream of cherry tomatoes for a few weeks now but no regular sized tomatoes yet.  We've got a ton of tomatoes on our plants though and while I'm trying not to count my tomatoes before they ripen  I'm thinking that with this heat it will be nothing but BLTs and caprese salad this weekend....or at least I'm sure hoping that's the case!

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