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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Storybook Shoppe, the Lighthouse, Savannah

We read about this bookstore on a map of Hilton Head which we were given when we checked into our condo.  It sounded just right for us so one afternoon we drove about a half an hour away to Bluffton, SC to check it out.

The store was adorable with a great selection for all of the girls and a very sweet, helpful owner.  

In a terrific stroke of luck we just happened to be there on Thursday afternoon and it just so happens that every Thursday at 2pm there is a farmers market, with live music along with food trucks.

 Spanish Moss hung from the trees and vegetation of all sorts covered the ground.  It was a sticky, warm afternoon in the South where everyone was happy and friendly.

While we ate lunch at the Old Town Dispensary, which was established in 1893, the kids played a game they bought at the bookstore.  Vacation bliss.

Another little trip we made was to the Sea Pines Resort area of Hilton Head.  This is where the famous lighthouse is.  There is also a popular restaurant there called The Salty Dog which is where we had dinner that evening.  There was big storm while we were there so we don't have many pictures.  The Salty Dog was fine, a huge tourist trap.  We went very early and I'm so glad we did, we walked right in for dinner but when we were leaving the wait was an hour and a half (we'd never have done that!!).

The wind was howling and rain was pouring while this picture was taken!  Lucy and Eleanor wouldn't come out!

This picture may help you see just how windy it was!  Right after this picture was taken I was scolded by the slightly grouchy souvenir saleswoman at the top of the lighthouse.  Since Lucy and Ellie wouldn't come out I left them inside while Emma and I took a look at the view from the lighthouse.  She thought that was pretty poor parenting on my part, or in her words "they could have fallen down the stairs and then you would have sued ME".  Eleanor was so offended that this woman would think that she would let Lucy fall down the stairs that she spent the half an hour drive back to our condo venting.  Oh, where was Kevin you ask?  He likes to read all of the information in museums, the kids do not...go figure.  So he was busy reading while we were being a delinquent family!

Our last day was spent in Savannah, Georgia.  It was about an hour and half away from Hilton Head, in the direction of home so it was a great side trip.

We took a narrated trolley tour and really enjoyed it.  It took an hour and a half but you can get off and back on if you like.

We got off the trolley and walked around the market and went to see Paula Deen's store and were super excited as you can tell.

Here's something they were excited about...Mellow Mushroom!  It was our second time (different locations) on the trip.  

We had a great tour guide, Cindy, who was an excellent story teller and said y'all about every 10th word.  

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