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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Saltwater in my eyes....

 I've spent the last 3 days detailing just how perfect our vacation was.  It really was perfect, but not perfect because everything went just the way we planned.  There was a 2 hour traffic jam in Georgia,  we ate a Huddle House, we had to have 2 separate rooms in Atlanta because per their regulations 5 is too many for one room, we took a wrong turn onto the wrong highway...and that all happened before we even got to Hilton Head.  Perfect doesn't mean that the children didn't squabble, they did, or complain about the long drive, they did that too.  Perfect doesn't mean we loved everything that we did....remember the bike ride? There was also a campfire that we left before the s'mores because it got boring.   Lucy had an ear infection and she wasn't supposed to get her ear wet, you can imagine how well we did with that one.  There were broken sunglasses.  There was a bathroom door that got locked from the inside while no one was in there so maintenance had to come unlock it.  There was sunscreen and saltwater in the eyes.  There was that two hour span of time one evening when Kevin and I alternately prayed and berated ourselves because we were convinced Lucy had a terrible, probably 2nd degree sunburn.  She didn't, she wasn't even tan.  Poor kid must of just been a little hot and got red and Kevin and I were ready to haul her into the ER.  There was the shuffleboard we meant to play but never got around to.  But it was all perfect.  Perfect because the gift of time together, no matter where we might be is the greatest thing we'll ever give our kids.  I could literally see in the kids eyes their absolute delight in a whole week away with their dad....nobody else got his attention, just them.    Perfect because we laughed and talked and just got to be.  Perfect because over and over again I thought these are the my favorite people am I so blessed that they all belong to me?  

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