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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just yesterday

It seems like just yesterday that this was how Lucy walked to Captain school

but actually just yesterday this was how she walked to school

The girls have been back in school for a week and things are going great.   They both have excellent teachers and such a sweet group of friends.  I feel like every single day my girls are a little more "themselves", less arguing and more compromising.  The last couple of days they've really been appreciative too, even thanking me for packing their lunches and making snacks and dinner....they are so hungry!!

 El's teacher is teaching her class that people respond better with words drizzled in honey than in vinegar and a smile goes a mile.  I just love it when someone outside of this house talk about those things, seems as though that's when those little lessons really sink in.

With her sisters back in school Lucy and I have been enjoying hours at the park and in the back yard, slow rambling trips to the zoo, and scooter riding at her pace.  These morning adventures (I love it, I remember when El went through a phase of calling everything an adventure, Lucy is doing the same thing) have been wearing her out and she's been taking two and a half hour naps.  This means I've had some quiet time and I'm slowly getting some chores done that have piled up during our fun summer...I've tracked down the atrocious smell in the laundry room, I've cleaned out the food storage and discovered we have a lifetime supply of cannellini beans,  I've organized my bill paying folder and rediscovered the budget..ahem,  I've baked and cooked and every day at 3:00 I can't wait to walk out the door and pick the girls up.  Things are feeling wonderful around here!

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