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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hilton Head Island

This winter Kevin and I made a map titled "Possible Vacation Spots".  Our map has St. Louis as the starting point and includes spots in all directions, all 12 hours driving time or under.    We looked at quite a few really great possibilities but decided on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We chose Hilton Head because -

1.) it has a beach
2.) it fit our driving criteria
3.) we easily found a resort which fit our other criteria

which was

1.) family friendly
2.) a condo
3.) a resort feel
4.) beach access

The resort we decided on was Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort.  We loved this place and would  highly recommend it to any family.    Like all other Disney properties it was pristine and the staff was excellent.  Staying at a resort that caters to kids meant that it was just really easy to be there with kids.  There was a playground on site, a beautiful walking/biking path throughout the resort, hammocks all over the place, shuffle board, a pirate party and dinner one night, free Disney movie rentals, a resident dog, cookies and lemonade set out at the main lodge for hungry kiddos, a campfire with smores in the evening and the list goes on.  And our condo was totally kid proof!    When we arrived there was a pack and play (along with two queen beds) in the girls room, we told Lucy that Mickey brought it for her.  She loved that and slept like a dream in it every single night.  Amazing.   Another amazing thing was we never had a ask twice for the kids to bathe or shower.

You guessed it, passy was in full use for this trip!  NO nap were taken or even attempted but passy pulled us through!
  This was the tub in our room, the kids had their own but these two loved this one!  As if they'd not already had enough water time each bath was at least a half an hour long, sometimes longer.  That little window was into the master bedroom.  They were even known to watch a Disney show in our room while in the tub....I must admit, it was pretty easy to get myself showered and ready with this set up!

Here's our little home sweet home.  I called a few weeks before we got there and requested a second floor condo by the pool, which was indeed a great locale for us.  This picture was taken while we were at the pool.

We all had shriveled toes and fingers every day of this vacation!  The weather  was great with temps in the low 80's and the pool water was 84 degrees.  It made for very fun swimming.  Lucy loved this one foot toddler pool.

The big girls had fun in the bigger pool.  I took this photo from our condo porch.  The pool was never busy (except for the night of the Pirate Party) and on several occasions....we were on Missouri time in the Eastern time zone so we were pretty early risers...we had the pool nearly all to ourselves.

The water slide was a huge hit with the girls!

Of course there's always time for reading!

Our days were fun and active and by the evening we we had some really tired kids 

  who loved the fact that the room had Disney channel, something they do not have at home.  They logged some good time here a lot of evenings!  

Our week ended way too fast and this is exactly what we all thought of that!

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Grandpa...Bill said...

Wow ..what a cool place to spend a week... I'm sure this will jump start everyone into a new school year. Emma and Eleanor will have one story for "what I did this summer" and Lucy will be livin w/Mickey for awhile!