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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13: My credit card and a Dr. Pepper

See those carts?  I filled all 4 of them to the brim with underwear for The Christmas Shop.  Ordinarily choosing underwear isn't all that time consuming but I needed a gross each of 18 different sizes, that's 2592 pairs of undies.

Getting around the store and through the check out lane with all of those carts was a crazy task but I'd done this a couple of months ago when I purchased the same number of socks so I was prepared for the job.  Until it came time to pay.  The bill was huge, so huge in fact that it exceeded the amount available on The Kingdom House credit card.  When the cashier said the word "DECLINED" I stood there in stunned silence.  WHAT?  I fumbled for my phone but couldn't reach anyone at Kingdom House.  I was panicked, I'd just spent 3 hours shopping and now I couldn't pay for it!  The poor clerk who was helping me tried to suspend the sale while I figured out what in the world to do but rather than suspend the sale she accidentally voided it.  We didn't even talk about it we just looked at each other with defeat in our eyes and pushed the carts aside.  I shuffled over to the in store Subway where  I bought a Dr. Pepper  to drown my sorrows.  I really wanted to cry, just lay my head down on the table and sob.  Maybe pound my fists and yell "why?".  The funny thing is, even though the store was packed I don't think anyone would really have noticed if I had.  Low blood sugar was mostly to blame and the Dr. Pepper did the trick.  I was back up and ready to figure this thing out in a matter of gulps.   The tide turned,  I got ahold of someone and we made a plan……I'd put whatever amount wouldn't fit on the Kingdom House credit card on my personal credit card to be reimbursed.  Things sure didn't go the way I'd planned but thank goodness for my credit card and that Dr. Pepper.

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