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Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17: My dream kitchen

I'm lucky, I get to cook in my dream kitchen.  The lights above the island are broken (I'm to blame!), the buttons on the dishwasher have tape holding them down, the refrigerator door is covered in little finger smudges and all of the cabinets could use some organizing.  Imperfections?  No, just proof that this kitchen of ours sees a lot of use.  Countless snacks, many meals, weekly baked goodies, and lots and lots of conversation make this space dreamy.  It feels a bit like my command center and I love it so!  I think it's as cute as can be and it cleans up in a snap.    What more could I want?  (A self cleaning, kitchen?  Ok, that would really be a dream come true!)

Our kitchen on a nice, tidy day….finger smudges removed, light still intact!  

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