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Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2: Sleep in my bed few minutes, momma

It's no secret that bed time has been rough for Lucy the last 10 months.  It all started with her crawling out of her crib in January followed by a difficult transition into a big girl bed.  Sill things aren't smooth as silk.  But one thing is for sure, every single night, as I turn out her light, in her sweet as sugar voice, I hear "sleep in my bed few minutes, momma".  And as those words tumble out, my heart feels warm,  I get a lump in my throat and no matter what else might need my attention at that moment, I make it wait.   Someday, sooner than later she'll miss a night of asking me to snuggle with her, and then a couple of more will slip by and then it will it stop altogether and this will be just a memory. For today though, it's not just a memory and I'm thankful!

Lucy has been pretending to be a flying panda the last couple of days.  Flying panda was relaxing last night in my bedroom and I couldn't resist those crossed feet.  

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