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Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3: We're not alone in our pain

 This afternoon Kevin and I attended a wonderful fundraiser organized by our friends the  Hinkle's in memory of their son Ollie.  Mark and Jenn lost their 13 month old son in January because he was sick and couldn't get better.  They endure pain beyond what most of us can imagine.  They have every right to hole up and be bitter; what happened to them isn't fair, it wasn't what they thought their lives would be like and they didn't deserve it.  Instead they are choosing to use their lives to improve other people's.  They prove to me that God is greater than our pain.  This doesn't mean He magically takes it away or that our pain is somehow unimportant.  Our pain is real but when we let Him, God can make good out of bad. I don't believe for a minute that he allows bad things to happen and I know He weeps with us when we're hurting.  We're not alone and I'm thankful to know this truth.

The I Heart Wine and Food Ollie Hinkle Event was incredible.  Such a huge outpouring of support from the St. Louis restaurant community for a really special family.  

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