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Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18: Christmas Music

I've been playing Charlie Brown's Christmas for the last week, it's Christmas music without being too much (or so I say).  Today though we've crossed over to the fully leaded stuff….the radio is now playing Christmas music!  I'm so thankful for this happy time of year and the music that comes with it.

In other Christmassy news Lucy wants a dog, a real one, for Christmas.  Today at Target a nice older couple was chatting with Lu when she told them, "I'm getting a REAL!! dog for Christmas and I will name her Clara".  Oh, geez.  She then proceeded to beg me for the rest of our trip to please get her a dog.  She had it all thought out, she told me-I will play ball with her, I will not let her chew ANYTHING, I will take her on a walk.  She also told the crossing guard and our principal about her real Christmas dog.  They looked at me with eyes that said "you're in trouble" and I think they're right.

All I want for Christmas is my very own dog.

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