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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15- Hot Tea

I'm getting excited for the holidays!   They are getting so close and it looks like in just a few days (after a couple of 70 plus degree days) the weather is going to cooperate too.  One thing that I love this time of year and the weather is hot tea.  I still need my coffee in the morning but in the afternoon and evening a cup of hot tea makes me feel cozy and happy.  Tonight Lucy and I are having an old favorite, SleepyTime Tea.  I thought to myself as I brewed it tonight, I think I've been drinking this my whole life.  And then I found this on Google Images which just made me laugh!  Good ol' Sleepytime.

Image result for sleepy time tea
I feel like that bear when I drink this tea!  

                        Image result for sleepy time tea             Image result for sleepy time tea    

                                             Image result for sleepy time tea

Also, there seem to be a lot of varieties of Sleeptime I've never heard of.  Once I tried the Sleepytime Extra.  Bleh.  They can keep the extra!  But the peach and vanilla sound interesting.

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