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Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4- Friday Night

Friday nights are the best!  
We're all usually exhausted and ready to relax.  We try not to have many plans on Fridays and instead we have a great dinner at home and then watch a movie or some tv.  It might sound dull but it's awesome.  
Tonight when Kevin came home from work, Lucy, Kevin and I walked up the the wine shop and while Lucy played with the doll house, Kevin and I tasted some wines and chose a delicious one to take home.  When we got home we made a family favorite, salmon!  Half was made with just butter and seasoning and on the other half we used a new recipe .  We will be making this one again!  Our smoke detector goes off when things get too hot in the kitchen.  Like whenever we cook.  Emma was on smoke detector duty tonight.  
And now we're all settling in for movies and reading.
Another perfect Friday night!

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